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What is Home Automation?

If you are a home owner, business owner or caregiver looking for information on home automation, smart home systems or Aging at Home this site was built for YOU! Please visit our Smart Home Options page, or email us at We look forward to answering your questions! Do you want more information? Visit our Blog for new ideas and features.  SOON, EVERY HOME WILL BE A SMART HOME!


Elderly Monitoring / Aging at Home - Are you caring for an elderly parent? Contact us for information about our very unique and complete solutions for Aging at Home. Our solutions include: ELDERLY MONITORING, CAREGIVER ASSISTANCE AND HOME RENOVATIONS. Extend the independance of your elderly parents and always be aware of their activities, from across the street or across the country!   

NOTE: You may be eligible for for a Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit. Contact our Caregiver Assistance specialist for more information!


Home automation is becoming very popular as home owners look to simplify their daily activities. With home automation, you can:

-    Use assistive technologies to monitor parents and children while at work
-    Manage home security using cameras and home alarm systems
-    Efficiently  manage energy usage for heating, air conditioning, swimming pool controls, etc.
-    Enjoy multi-room audio and video
-    Automate lighting controls
-    Save money by reducing energy usage
-    And many more options…

We provide affordable solutions. With our solutions, you can dream big and start small!



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